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13/10/2022   Our webpage moved to http://shigekawa-omu.jp. This webpage (shigekawa-ocu.jp) is going to be expired.


Our webpage moved to http://shigekawa-omu.jp.

Our research group was kicked out in Oct. 2011 for proposing and demonstrating concepts of novel semiconductor devices. Noting that equipments for producing higher electrical powers with smaller environmental load and lower costs are strongly sought for so as to realize greener society,we have defined our research target as demonstrating the potential of solar cells composed of mechanically-stacked subcells, or hybrid tandem solar cells, as a candidate for third-generation photovoltaic devices with overwhelming high efficiency (>50%). We are proceeding on research by developing and integrating all aspects of relevant technologies (semiconductor device fabrication, characterization,and so on) in combination with fundamental sciences such as physics and electronics.

We announce with sincere gratitude that we receive supports from a large number of institutes and companies. In particular we thank to "Development of high performance and reliable PV modules to reduce levelized cost of energy" Project of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and "Creative Research for Clean Energy Generation Using Solar Energy" Project in Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) programs of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) for their financial supports.

N. Shigekawa